Dan and Leah's Wedding

  Bill and Julie at the pre-ceremony tailgate.
  Bill and Beccy catch up after a long time.  Beccy forces a smile despite having to go to a formal ceremony without her two young children.
  Cousin Sarah and her daughter Katie as the flower girl.  Katie has to be the most deliberate flower girl in history.  Her flower "tossing" process: 30 seconds to select a petal; 30 seconds to inspect the petal; 5 seconds to gently place the petal on the ground; repeat process.
  No petal was dropped without careful inspection and consideration.  Only the best petals were worthy of her Uncle Dan's wedding.
  Dan waits for Leah (and Katie to finish the petal processes).
  Leah looks happy (or the rabbi told one heck of a joke).  See the expression on her face?  This will become her signature expression for the evening.
  Introducing the happy couple.
  Dan and Leah's first dance.  Note the smile on Leah's face is still there.
  Lead drops the smile for a moment to focus on gettin' down.
  Bill and Julie at the reception.
  Adam offers a toast.  When he was asked to give a toast to Dan, I think he heard "please roast Dan".  Very funny stuff.
  Bill's mom shows how to cut a rug with Jenny.
  Dan and Leah.  Four hours after the ceremony and the smile on Leah's face is still going strong.  Rumor has it muscle relaxant was needed to avoid permanent damage.