Fourth of July 2002

Julie and her grandmother during out 4th of July cookout.
Julie, her dad and his mom.  Three generations of Herzogs.
On Friday, we went strawberry picking.  We weren't smiling at the sight of fresh strawberries after two straight days of eating them..
On Friday night, we went to the house of a friend of the family's in Wisconsin to see fireworks on a lake.  The friend is the Julie after whom our Julie was named.
The two Julies catch up before the fireworks.
  Here is the view of the lake from Julie's house in Spread Eagle.  For those of you who can identify, it is reminiscent of Lake George, NY.  There are actually several miles of interconnected lakes.
  Bill and Julie stay warm on the porch before the fireworks.  Even in July, you need to bundle up in northern Wisconsin.
  The gang enjoys dinner and drinks before fireworks.
  For the fireworks, we took a boat out on the lake, along with several hundred other boaters,  here,  Julie and her Dad relax before the show.
  Julie also got some quality time with Mom on the boat.
  Despite recent indications otherwise, we all know who Julie's real true love is.
  On Saturday, while Julie got in her 15 mile marathon training run, the two Bills went trout fishing.  The fish were too large and numerous to be pictured here.  ;)