Jazz Fest 2002

Bill_on_phone_with_po_boy.jpg (47465 bytes) Bill doing what he always does.   Talking in the cell phone and eating.  Here he is munching on a soft shell crab po' boy.
Julie on grass.jpg (73803 bytes) Julie lounging on the grass.  A great spontaneous photo.
Julie with iced latte.jpg (48885 bytes) Julie enjoying her favorite food of Jazz Fest.  A large iced latte.  She has at least four per Fest.
Group shot eating lunch.jpg (70682 bytes) Here is the gang eating lunch.   Shrimp, po' boys, crawfish and beer (of course).
Matt_with_po_boy.jpg (71532 bytes) Matt digging into his soft shell crab po'boy.
Matt and Jamie on grass.jpg (63187 bytes) Matt and Jamie; our friends in Denver who joined us at the Fest.
Dixieland Jazz band from Germany.jpg (63972 bytes) It's a bad picture, but how often do you run into a Dixieland jazz band from Germany?  Oh when the Saints, up PAH PAH, come marching in, um PAH PAH....
Man dancing at gospel tent.jpg (48788 bytes) Some locals having a really good time at the gospel tent.
Women dancing at gospel tent.jpg (41465 bytes) Some women dancing it up at the gospel tent.
Ricky Dillard and New Generation.jpg (29897 bytes) Ricky Dillard and the New Generation.  A fantastic gospel group out of Chicago.  If you can catch their act, we really recommend it.
Gospel choir close up.jpg (36975 bytes) A gospel choir.  Average age 95?
Gospel group close up.jpg (35673 bytes) A gospel group.  Note the Motown inspired clothing.
Blues band close up.jpg (49543 bytes) A random shot from the blues tent.