Kauai 2004

  Here is Julie getting ready for some skin diving at Poipu beach.  Very pretty fish, and very easy to see.
  Shhhhhh....Bill is lining up a quadruple bogey putt at Poipu Bay Golf Club
  Bill and Julie show off the view from Poipu Bay.
  Julie looking as beautiful as the day I married her.
  Bill and Julie before the luau at Smith's Tropical Paradise.  If you go, go early so you can see the gardens.
  At the luau, here is the crew removing the pig from the hole where it was steamed.
  We took a movie tour, where we got to see spots on Kauai where they filed famous movies.  Here is Julie on the swing from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  Once Julie had proven the swing was safe and sturdy, Bill was ready to go.  Note the authentic Indiana Jones hat for maximum effect.
  While we were on a ranch looking at movie sites, we stopped to feed some "wild" pigs.
  Our tour also tool us to the Coco Palms resort.  Now shuttered, the Coco Palms used to be the place to stay as well as the filming site of a number of movies, including Evlis's Blue Hawaii.
  Also on the tour was Opaekaa Falls, which was made famous as the waterfall from the beginning of Fantasy Island.
  Julie is shocked and appalled that they would have such a tree on a supposedly "family oriented" island.
  Here we are at Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii,
  We took a day hike along the Napali (northern) coast to see some waterfalls.  Here is Bill ignoring the trail warnings (we are from Colorado after all; we can take anything Hawaii can dish out!)
  Bill and Julie take a break along the trail.  There were guava trees all along the way offering hikers a juicy snack.
  I'm sure the waterfalls are just around the next bend....
  At a beach along the trail, Julie befriended some wild kitty cats.
  Finally! We pose in front of Hanakapiai Falls. 
  More golf?  You bet.  here is Julie at Princeville Golf Course
  A lovely sunset from the Beach House Restaurant in Poipu.
  Grrrrr....my parents were having all that fun without me...