Santa Cruz 2003

To begin the trip, we went to the Monterey Aquarium.  For you movie buffs, this is where they filmed the aquarium scenes from that Star Trek movie with the whales.  Here is a taste of the amazing jellyfish exhibit.
Here we are in front of the Lone Cypress along 17 mile drive.
  The coastline was beautiful.  Here is a sample of the views we enjoyed throughout the weekend.
  Steve took us to Steamer Lane, a surfing hotspot, to watch the surfers.  Julie vowed to try surfing as soon as the temperature rose 30 degrees.
  Steve and Bill pose in front of a surfing monument.  I can't imagine lugging a long board like that around the beach.  They must have weighed 100 pounds.
  Along the drive we dropped in on Pebble Beach.  Golden Tee players will recognize this as the 18th green.  Barring a $300 drop in greens fees, this will probably be the closest we will ever get to that hole.
  Here is a solo shot of the Lone Cypress.
  Artichokes were abundant in the area and Lori made some for us one night we were there.  Even at only 50 cents a pound, the purchase of this one was prohibitively expensive.
  Kite surfers dancing along the coast.  They use kites to pull them in and out of the surf.  the result: no paddling and lots of fun.  "Forget surfing", says Julie, "when it warms up, this is what I'm doing."