Seattle 2002

Janiece surprise bridal shower with proud Shirley looking on.
Janiece with "story" candles.
  Carly, Cindy, Cat, Mary, Essadora, Shirley, Janice, Stephanie, Beverly and Cathrine
  Janiece with bridal vine tree.
  Guests enjoying the celebration.
  Shirley sharing her wisdom.
  What timing!  The groom arrives.
  Shirley toasting Janice and Douglas.
  Carly being "smudged".
  Douglas in awe.
  Janice and one of her three favorite desserts - strawberry shortcake made just the way she likes it!
  Essadora, Catherine, Posy, Anna Melanie, Janiece, Michelle, Susan and Martha.
  What a great smile!  One of many beautiful nighties.
  Shirley enjoying the moment.
  The view from Susan and Joseph's lovely home.
  Shirley, Cindy and oh, what a sunset!
Shirley and Cat.  Two beautiful women in a gorgeous setting.