Tampa 2003

Unfortunately due to her cast, Julie was relegated to Official Photographer while we played golf.  Here, Heide and Big Bill watch Little Bill shank three footer for triple bogey.  The picture of Little Bill flinging his putter into the lake didn't come out.
Yes it is true.  There are gators along the courses in Tampa.  They help people keep up the pace of play. "Um, I'll take a stroke and drop and over here by the green."
  We also visited the Don Ce Sar Hotel, which is a former military hospital turned luxury hotel.  We're smiling because our next stop was the hotel's ice cream shop.
  Heide seen here lounging by the pool at the Don Ce Sar.
  Bill, too, found the inner strength to drink a beer by the hotel pool.  We were just passing through but had a nice stop at the property.  Feel free to swing by and enjoy yourself.  A classic free rider problem.
  Julie and Heide strike a pose on a dock.  There were dolphins swimming around the whole time we were there.
  Feeding time at the animal exhibit?
  We went to a couple of Yankees spring training games while we were there.  Here are Julie and Heide during one of the brief moments they weren't riveted by the action.
  Proof we were actually there!.  Here, Jose Contreras dupes the Yankee coaching staff by throwing a solid spring outing.  Now that the season has started, Yankee fans look longingly back on the Hideki Irabu days.